Replication and SSL

I am not able to get a successful replication when SSL is enabled (sync_gateway replication works fine without SSL)

I am getting the following error on the slave:

I | http: TLS handshake error from EOF

Using the following in config file:

        "SSLCERT": "cert.pem",
        "SSLKey": "privateKey.pem",
        "log": ["HTTP+"],
        "adminInterface": "",
        "interface": "",
        "facebook": {
                "register": true
        "replications": [
                        "replication_id": "ped-pull",
                        "source": "",
                        "target": "",
                        "continuous": true
                        "replication_id": "sec-pull",
                        "source": "",
                        "target": "",
                        "continuous": true

Does the connection initially succeed, and subsequently fails with the specified error? Or do you get the error on the first connection attempt?

The connection was never successful.

I got the following working with SSL:

  1. SG to SG replication
  2. SG to CB lite sync

Thanks for the help.

I did the following:

  1. Remove pass phase from private key
  2. Add our CA certs to local bundle (CENTOS)
  3. Have the “target” point to the https Admin API instead of the local db file