Replication - Couchbase.Lite ChangesCompleted greater than ChangesCount?

Hi everyone,

I’m developing a Xamarin.Forms application that replicates a CouchDB server using a pull one-shot one-way replication. From time to time, the replication never stops despite the changesCompleted reaches not only the number of changesCount…but it exceeds this number!!

I’ve attached the logs (16.6 KB)where you can find the following line:

[0:] VERBOSE) SYNC (Replication): [13] 2017-3-1 04:43:56.502+01:00 NotifyChangeListeners (2664/2638, state=Running (batch=0, net=0))

This has plagued me for a long time, and it won’t succeed because it is greater because it tests for equality. However I don’t simply want to test for greater than or equal because then the opposite situation could happen (reporting finished when there are still changes left) so this gets me in a quite a pickle. If you can reproduce this in a way that you can share, please file a ticket on the .NET repo.

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