Repositories for CentOs 7


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On 2014-07-07 CentOs 7 was released. Is there a roadmap available when a repository for CentOs 7 will be available?

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I’ve filed an issue to this effect here:

Do the existing binaries for EL6 not work for EL7?


Sorry for the late response!
When I try to install libcouchbase2-libevent and libcouchbase-devel I have a dependency to “libevent-1.4” The version in CentOs 7 seems to be “libevent-2.0.21” and does not meet the dependency for installing libcouchbase.
Anyway, for the sake of stability, is seems better to me to have official EL7 binaries and not some hacked version of EL6 running on a server.


#4 - this has EL7 native packages for beta. Please tell me if this works for you



I’ve successfully installed the EL7 beta packages. I was able to build my own libraries with this updated libcouchbase version (with some extra warnings about deprecated functions, but I’ll fix these later :slight_smile: )
I’ll do some further testing to check if everything works on my end with our system (also nice to see a fix for the empty key, I thought this was an error on my side).
Thanks for the effort!



The deprecated functions reflect changes made in 2.4 :slight_smile: