REST API, Design Doc and 501 error


I’m using the REST API of couch base lite, with the Mac Build downloaded from the site.

I create a design doc exactly has described here (language javascript) :

When i try to get the result like here:

… i have the following response :

I have linked javascripCore in my project.

ps: just tried with version 1.2, same result

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot


Same problem.

Is there any solution?

it should be the problem of create design doc, FYI

Solved it. Thanks @atom_yang. I have seen your response after I solved it.
In .Net we have to compile javascript views with writing following code after initialization. Which will compile the view and give appropriate result.

Couchbase.Lite.View.Compiler = new JSViewCompiler();

Finally, a good day for me.