Roadmap for nodejs development


Would like to know if there’s a roadmap of the development effort for official nodejs couchbase typings? As well as for otterman?

The couchbase typings at DefinitelyTyped is only for SDK 2.4.5, and nodejs SDK 3.0.0 is released for around 7 months ago.
I do see there’s some active effort of otterman development in the recent months up to about last month and seem to have stop again.

Thank you

Hey @Joseph,

There is ongoing work for the node-ottoman project and a V2 release is anticipated within the next couple of months. The TypeScript typings are actually already available, you can find them in a change-set which should be merged for the next release here:

Cheers, Brett

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Hello @brett19,

Thanks for the update. From what I see, if I’m not wrong, does that mean the types will be provided right out box with the package instead of relying on DefinitelyTyped?

Hopefully otterman will get its completion soon, thanks for the effort.

Hey @Joseph,

That is correct. Types will be available automatically directly through the package.

Cheers, Brett

Thank you for the confirmation