Run Couchbase Lite for iOS

After facing several issues with our iOS application using Couchbase Lite (for which we already have asked in the forums) we are tying to gather any possible debugging info at application and database level.

We started using a Couchbase Lite Viewer project (https:/ to view our database contents. Now we are trying to be able to run Couchbase Lite from source, following the instructions here We were able to add Couchbase Lite as a target dependency, but not to build the application since the rest of the dependencies are not visible, we don’t know why.

We wanted to know if someone has tried something similar from XCode for either iOS or Mac OS targets. Thanks!

That CouchbaseLiteiOS-SourceApp repo is rather old and out of date. I’d never even seen it before. It looks like it was created as a personal project by an employee who’s not at Couchbase anymore. Sorry for the confusion.

Official instructions for building Couchbase Lite from source are here. By default you’ll build the master branch, which is a release candidate for the upcoming 1.4; if you want to build 1.3.1, look for the tag and check that out before building.

If you’re trying to debug problems, then build a debug version of Couchbase Lite and drop that library into your app project.