Running couchbase server community edition on RHEL 9

Hi, We are planning to upgrade to RHEL 9.

When I looked at the supported operating systems list, there is no mention of RHEL 9

Is there a plan to support RHEL 9? Can I download the binary used for RHEL 8 and use it on RHEL 9?

Issue MB-53679 says the intention is to support it in 7.2.0.

Can you provide a link to that post? I am unable to find it.

Thank you. Any idea about the release date of 7.2.0 version?

@ianmccloy That information would come from our product manager.

Just to confirm, We use Couchbase server community edition. Is RHEL 9 planned to be supported for the community edition of 7.2.0 ?

The product manager would have that information.

My team uses Couchbase community edition, can you help with the following questions:

  1. Is RHEL 9 supported with Couchbase server community edition 7.2.0 ?
  2. What is the planned release date for couchbase service community edition 7.2.0 ?

@mreiche Is there anyone else who can answer the above questions?

Try the “Contact Us” on the couchbase website.