RxJava/RxAndroid feature request


I was actually surprised when I camw across some links to Couchbase for information about RxJava. The reason for my surprise is that the Android couchbase-lite client doesn’t use RxJava or RxAndroid.

I think it would be awesome if new versions of the Android library included Rx integration. And it looks like you have the team to do it already! :smile:


hi @djensen47

The Couchbase Lite and Couchbase SDK are two client libraries with quite the differences. Also AFAIK an effort is made on the mobile side to keep things comparable between iOS and Android versions of the Couchbase Lite API, so I don’t know if Rx will be considered at some point…

Ultimately the decision would be up to the mobile team, and I for one would be happy to assist them groking concepts of RxJava :heart:, but in terms of having the team to do it, that would be limited (we are a small team on the SDK :wink:).

Future<T> will tell :innocent:


We’re planning to implement “native” Java queries in our next release. In iOS and .NET there are idiomatic classes for query that everyone has standardized on (e.g. LINQ, NSPredicate), but for Java, it much more fractured. Maybe just roll their own fluent API’s that roughly look LINQ-ish.

There’s at least the canonical Stream API, which we currently consider the leading candidate, absent strong community feedback. But I love hearing people weigh in, as I often suggest RxJava for users.


Use of RxJava is good actually that may give better user experience. Use of Rxjava with Retrofit. Retrofit is a sort of safe REST Android client created by Square. The library gives a potential framework for confirming and interfacing with APIs and sending parsing system requests in alignment with OkHttp.