Search is very difficult to read - can you please display results in full screen?


Hi Couchbase guys,

I was trying to search to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem with sample buckets that I did, (creating sample buckets after installing couchbase results in bucket being created but no records/documents.)

Search displayed a pop up combo box, and I was expecting there to be some type of search results page that I could “pour” over. This was very un-expected, and I found the format really hard to read, with the mouse over on each row very distracting. The format was very tight and …well, frankly it should be obvious, you can’t really expect a combo box to be as functional as a whole full web page?

By the time many people decide to RTFM and are so desperate that they actually relent and sign up to a forum , the chances are they are already seriously stressed, with a serious problem.

Unless your search is brilliant, the chances are that many users will not find what they are looking for in the first few screen fulls of information. If I am on a forum and don’t see what i’m looking for on the first (n) screens I scroll through on a combo box, I have no way of knowing if I keep searching whether I will find anything or not.

Would it be possible to please display the search results in full screen instead of inside of a combo box so that I can easily read and carefully consider possible results.




Thanks for the feedback. The forum is based on Discourse and I don’t know if that’s an option. I’ll look into what our current options are.


It doesn’t look like that’s a configurable option at the moment for us. It looks like a feature enhancement like this has been discussed for a bit on the Discourse meta forum, so it’s definitely under consideration.


Your response has me seriously concerned. What possible feature for a support forum could be more important than search?

Second only to search is … can the Q&A’s be indexed and properly SEO’d by Google and easily read, and not blocked behind a ExpertsExchange type “you must create an account to read the reply”, followed by …How easy is it to create an account? Can I login with the worlds most popular single sign-on’s… gmail, twitter, facebook?

Couchbase’s choice of technology for your support forum fails on

  1. Trust and Brand
  2. search
  3. SEO and ease of use
  4. ease of login

For anyone else reading my comment, I will defend Couchbase and say that their people and support are phenomenal (second to none when I need support at a client with a commercial licence). I will go so far as to say that their support is fanatical, which is why I feel so strongly about this forum, and believe that it’s letting the team down, and why I’m posting such a strong criticism of the choice of forum software.