SEARCH_SCORE() in query with multiple FROM terms requires an argument

Hi All,

`I have the following query:

SELECT META(t).id AS conferenceId,
   SEARCH_SCORE() as score, conferenceName,
   t.description description,
   t.expectedDates AS expectedDates,
   META(confEd).id AS editionId,
   confEd.startDateLong AS startEventDateLong,
   confEd.endDateLong AS endEventDateLong,
   confEd.startDate AS startDate,
   confEd.topics AS topics,
   confEd.countryCode AS countryCode,
   t.countryCode AS countryCodeParent,
   confEd.endDate AS endDate
FROM test t
JOIN test confEd ON META(t).id = confEd.conferenceId
UNNEST t.expectedDates sub
WHERE t._class = 'com.travelspring.entity.Conference'
AND ( t.archived = FALSE
    OR t.archived IS MISSING )
AND (confEd.archived = FALSE
    OR confEd.archived IS MISSING )
AND confEd.isCurrentEdition = TRUE
AND SEARCH(, { 'should': { 'disjuncts': [ {'field':'name', 'match': 'Java'}, {'field':'name', 'match': 'Java', 'fuzziness': 2 }, {'field':'name', 'wildcard': '*Java*'} ] } })

But when I try to run it I get "SEARCH_SCORE() in query with multiple FROM terms requires an argument." .
If I try to give it an identifier, like SEARCH_SCORE( the query works but no score attribute appears.

What I’m missing here?

If query uses IntersectScan on SEARCH(t, …) source (i.e. t) you may not have SEARCH_SCORE(t). In that case avoid IntersectScan by specifying FROM test t USE INDEX (ix1 USING FTS)