Secondary Global Indices


I am making an application to store emails and I realize that for N1QL work well with large datasets must be index in the fields point is I want to put a index of the body , and the body of an email has many characters can I have problems with this index ?

I’m using couchbase comunity 4.1.0 .



Hi, Yes you can create the index on large fields too. How large is your body field?



Hi J.R.,

I see that Prathibha has already answered you on the secondary index creation. I wanted to mention that we introduced a developer preview of Full Text Search in Couchbase Server 4.5, but right now that is only available in Enterprise Edition. (And it’s not production ready yet). Full text search is designed for the use case that you have, and is expected to go GA in the next major Couchbase Server release. I invite you to try it out, I would be interested in your feedback.

Intro video:
Intro demo:



could be 40k or more.


could be 40k or more characters.