SERVER CRASH - Unnecessary use of Swap in Couchbase 2.2.0 version , Even when memory is available


Hello Team,
Unnecessary use of Swap , even my memory is available.
Swap is going to 100%

I have assign 4 GB Swap on Each node.
Node is 60 GB , 35 GB in Used … Then y Its using Swap.

My Server is crashing with Below error in /var/log/messages

Jul 21 09:59:06 ip-10-231-53-110 kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 9547 (memcached) score 824 or sacrifice child
Jul 21 09:59:06 ip-10-231-53-110 kernel: Killed process 9547, UID 497, (memcached) total-vm:56355684kB, anon-rss:51113544kB, file-rss:2076kB
Jul 21 10:00:20 ip-10-231-53-110 ntpd_intres[1350]: host name not found: time



Whats your swappiness value?
#sysctl vm.swappiness

Whats your node config: memory of machine?

Whats how much memory is used by Couchbase data?

Do you have views? if so how many?

Are you running anything else on nodes besides CB?