Server Down on Windows 10


I’ve been playing around with Couchbase Server (4.1.1-5914 CE) today. It’s the first time I’ve used it, and it’s been working nicely until only recently. For no apparent reason, the server went down (“Servers Down: 1” in the Cluster Overview, and the server marked as “Pend” in Server Nodes). I haven’t been taxing anything, just experimenting and looking at the SDKs.

Couchbase is installed on my laptop. I haven’t connected any other nodes to the cluster, it’s just a single instance.

Can anybody suggest a fix? I’m loathe to just reinstall, I’d like to know what caused the problem and whether it’s indicative of a serious issue.

Thanks in advance,


You’re not running Windows 10 Anniversary Update are you? That is incompatible with Couchbase 4.1.1.

There’s a dev preview of 4.5.1 EE for Windows 10 AU on the download page.

Yes, I’m running the anniversary update. I don’t have a Couchbase license, so can’t use the EE. We’re hoping that what we’re intending to develop will be able to use either the CE or the EE, depending on customer requirements.

But after rebooting the machine, the Couchbase server became active and is no longer down. It seems that restarting the service wasn’t sufficient, the machine itself needed restarting.