Serving website files of a 2-tier application from a couchbase installation (avoiding another http server)

Hi people,
I am trying to understand the basics how to move from multi-tier application in a LAMP server to 2-tier with a json-restful-document-based database.

I got to know about CouchApp for CouchDB, but I don’t think that it is recommendable to add websites files (html, css, js, svg, etc) as attachments for a certain document inside a database.

I got to check at the folder couchdb/share/www/ and it works but probably without replication, while the analog folder at couchbase would be couchbase/lib/query-ui/

Up to now, I can confirm that both database servers acts as traditional http servers with the data-indexing-handling addition for database, and both exposes a folder with an administrative tool, and both implement files-handling as attachments only.

I am hoping to be wrong and therefore I am asking for help here.
If I want to create a 2-tier application, then I MUST set another http-server running?
(therefore it would be a 3-tier application and a 2-tier app wouldn’t exist at all)
And if I want to replicate those files through nodes to the world, then I have to manage it again for the secondary http-server with a 4º tool being setup.
Is there any alternative to serv files from couchbase without adding them as attachments?

Thanks in advance