SGW 2.1 or 2.5 with N1QL NOT working and syncing


  • We currently have our own N1QLs indexes
    *Tested with CB 6.0/6.02 and SGW 2.1 and 2.5 have the same issues

When we enable the SGW config to use N1QL use_views=false (We see the SGW indexes), the mobile device do not get all the docs it should. Once we revert back to use_views=true, the mobile devices get all the docs for it.

We dont see any errors in the SGW.


Can you please elaborate more on the process? did you see the indexes are completing the build?

The indexes are built so we do see alot of the docs syncing, but we are missing some core docs. Once we change back to use_views: true it all works, we are no longer missing docs. This happens on iOS and Android.

We tested with 4.6 and SGW 1.2 (and that worked), and now testing CB 6.0 and SGW 2.x