Should XDCR replication be used for star topology?


I was wondering if Couchbase’s XDCR replication can be used in a “star” topology ?
If so, is it a good idea to do so? Are there limitations of how many nodes can participate in this type of replication?

Basically, I need a master-master replication, in star topology.
Conflicts will be avoided/prevented by application logic, or using Couchbase’s conflict handling, in some cases.




Yes you can, I am inviting your to read this part of the documentation that provide all the informations you need:

Conflicts will be manage by default by Couchbase XDCR.

Note that you cannot use atomic counter in the case of bi-directionnal replication, because you may have inconsistent data. (you need in this case to create specific keys for each cluster)



I’ve read the documentation.
What I meant is will I run into problems say when having 5 “satellite” sites/nodes replicating to the same bucket on my central site or “hub” ?
I didn’t find any limit to how many nodes can replicate (bi-di) to one main node. Is there such a limit ?
If so what is it?