Size of CAO components

Hi CB Support,

In regards to CAO, can you please help us with the image size for following components ?

CB Backup
CB Data Node
CB Index/Query
CB Operator

Also if you can help us with exact path where these images are stored on Kubernetes cluster.

The sizes are all listed on docker hub, see for example. The couchbase/operator part is the name of the image you supply in your configuration, so you can substitute it for couchbase/server.

While on that topic there are no data/query images, they are all the same Server image.

Finally, the images are stored by docker (or whatever container technology you are using) on each Kubernetes nodes they are/have ever been run on. Look at their documentation for more details as to the storage and format of container images.

Thank you for the response Simon.

One small question in case you know the reason. On Docker Hub I do not see the images ‘couchbase/server:6.0.4’, however when I do ‘docker pull’, it works! Any idea why this version is missing from the hub ?

I do :smiley: Use the filter form, dockerhub doesn’t display things in “order”

Thank you @simon.murray, that link helped.
Currently the Couchbase images’ sizes mentioned in the docker hub, though compressed, seems too huge. Do you know if it is possible to reduce their sizes ? If yes, then what approach can we use ?

The Operator binary–for example–is ~50Mi and that’s a single statically compiled Go binary. It’s not unreasonable for Couchbase, with all of its services to be at least 350Mi (using crude maths), then you need to add on the operating system for tooling and libraries… it is an enterprise class database after all!

I’m no expert on the size of server images and their requirements, so someone may come along with a better explanation.

Okay, thank you for this explanation @simon.murray