Slow queries execution

I have a big trouble
The bucket 122.2K gets per sec.
136 N1QL per sec.
205K index scanned/sec
87% CPU 6.7%

my server hase 24 core CPU and 386 Gbt RAM

If I try execute simple query like

Blockquote SELECT meta().id as ID FROM task_read AS tb
limit 1

Response time IS elapsed: 9.5s execution**: 41.3ms** docs: 1 size: 29 bytes

This bucket used only for read throw N1QL

in SELECT count(*) FROM system:active_requests;
I have 3537 queries!
Could your help me

Some thing wrong with 3537 active_requests . Active queries with status "completed" but duration keeps go on cc @Marco_Greco

What is the version?

./couchbase-cli --version 6.6.1-9213
“uptime”: “3h29m36.980604098s”,
“local.time”: “2021-04-09 21:28:44.530767148 +0300 MSK m=+12577.932814942”,
“version”: “6.5.0-N1QL”,
“total.threads”: 11222,
“cores”: 96,
“gc.num”: 11942989272,
“gc.pause.time”: “27.720302822s”,
“gc.pause.percent”: 0,
“memory.usage”: 11881307224,
“”: 66791603472280,
“memory.system”: 13168318352,
“cpu.user.percent”: 0.0001,
“cpu.sys.percent”: 0,
“request.completed.count”: 1421784,
“”: 3575,
“request.per.sec.1min”: 112.9272,
“request.per.sec.5min”: 113.8399,
“request.per.sec.15min”: 113.7404,
“request_time.mean”: “12.504134864s”,
“request_time.median”: “12.417602099s”,
“request_time.80percentile”: “13.899297844s”,
“request_time.95percentile”: “15.401785434s”,
“request_time.99percentile”: “16.422708221s”,
“request.prepared.percent”: 0

Response time IS elapsed: 9.5s Why ? How can i fix it ?

Any ideas ? I will be very grateful for any help

if still has so many active_requests that might taking CPU/memory. Best way is restart query service and see if resolves it.