Slower performance when a note is down in a cluster



 I build a 3 nodes cluster environment with 1 replica, 200 items in a couchbase bucket. Everything works well when 3 nodes are live. However, if 1 node is down, the performance(insert/query) become very slow. It would take more than 10 second though the data is not lost. I am considering if it is sensible for a caching solution. Any recommendation? 



Hi Napo, how many active vbuckets do you have in the failed state? do you failover the node or have auto failover fail the node?


Check your Web Admin GUI go to the TAB “DATA BUCKET”=>Disk Quese=>Average Age Active. That will tell you in what amount of time is Seconds it take to write you items to desk. click the “show by server” there you will see each servers time.
Do this for both 3Nodes and 2Node Cluster. What is the times the Average Age Active?


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