Spring-data and recovery


We’re using Spring-data to access CouchBase documents. The problem we’re seeing is in the case where all the CouchBase servers become inaccessible (like a network failure between my client code and the CouchBase nodes).
It also happens if all the CouchBase servers are restarted. In this case, the only way that we can recover access to the restarted database is to restart our Java (Spring) application.
Is this by design? Or should the client automatically recover?

  • Dave


@dwormald which spring-data-couchbase version are you using? Ideally, manually upgrade your couchbase-client dependency to the latest 1.4. available => 1.4.7.

Can you share some more details on what is exactly happening? Which server version are you using? Do you have some logs?
The expectation is that the client should recover automatically when the nodes come back online.


Thanks for the fast response Michael. We’ll check on our CouchBase version. Now that I know the recovery is supposed to be automatic, we’ll do some more looking at logs on our end then post back here.

  • Dave


Great, let us know how things go