[Spring Data Couchbase] Run Integration tests

I am using the CouchbaseRepositories provided by spring-data-couchbase quite a lot and I would like to start contributing to the project.
After checking out the spring data couchbase code, however, I cannot figure out how to run the integration tests (located under src/integration/java). Can anybody give me a hint on how to run them.
Any pointer is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: To avoid confusion: I asked the same question in the DATACOUCH JIRA.

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@johannesjasper can you run them on the command line via mvn test? Usually we run those by having a node running on localhost with admin “Administrator” and password “password” for simplicity reasons. If it does not work, can you share the exception with which it fails so we can triage properly?

edit: actually, this is just running the unit tests. need to investigate more.

It also seems as if only unit tests are run in the CI.

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I’m working on fixing the integration tests and adding support for running them from the command line. There’s a code freeze right now but I hope to have an update for you next week.

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Pull request:

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The master branch has been updated so you can now run the integration tests using the standard Maven command:

mvn verify

A local Docker installation is required.

CAVEAT: If you’re running Couchbase Server locally, make sure to stop it before running the tests otherwise they will fail.

Thank you @johannesjasper for prompting this change.


Awesome, thank you for making the effort.

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