Spring data couchbase : ViewDoesNotExistException

Version of my spring-boot-couchbase:1.4.7
But i am not use the default java client which is integreated in spring boot, i used java-client 2.4.7 in my project.

My repository example as follow:
public interface MappingRepository extends CouchbasePagingAndSortingRepository<Mapping, String> {


My application.properties:

My questions:
1.When i use the deleteAll() or findAll() method in my project ,it would’t work well, other method such as findOne()/findByxxx() work well.
2.When i use deleteAll() , there will be error : ViewDoesNotExistException: xxx view does not exist
3.Is the all view will be auto-created by spring boot application? When?
4.I have many repositories. I am confuse that some repositories’ all methods work very well include deleteAll and findAll, but some repositories not. I open the web console of couchbase, and manual delete the view which is named all , then run my spring boot project, the ‘all’ view will not be auto-created again. I don’t know why.

I search and read a lot of articles , but i am confuse yet