State in system::completed_requests


Is there a documentation page that can help understand what are all the different values for the state field of Completed_Requests and the meaning of each?

I see 2 values: closed & timeout and completed. I guess completed means client received the response within the timeout period and hence it was a fully successful execution. How does one differentiate closed from timeout? And hence the above question.



Closed means client closed before server completed request
timeout means server not able to completed request before client requested time timeout value.

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Thanks @vsr1

@Marco_Greco, can you help understand what do the other states mean or if there is a link in the documentation that can help understand the same.

Some of the statuses are only used internally, but roughly speaking the description is as follows:

  • submitted: the request has been received by the query service, but all servicers are busy and it’s waiting to be processed
  • running: it’s being processed
  • success, errors, completed: the request completed all processing phases, from instantiating to execution. completed is used in system:completed_requests, success and errors are used in the result metrics.
  • fatal: the request was parsed but could not be executed because of some terminal error (eg a keyspace was missing)
  • closed: the client closed the port and the request was terminated
  • timeout: the request exceeded the timeout and was terminated
  • stopped: the dba explicitly terminated the request via a delete from system:active_requests
  • aborted: there was a major internal error (such as a panic or assert failure) and the request was aborted.

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