Stop Browser Freezing in Index with big JSON docs


Hello there,
i am using couchbase with some base64 executable strings in it so my customers can always update to the latest version. These .exe strings are around 7 megs big, could get even bigger.
When I login into the web console, my browser freezes on the the load of the “Documents” View (List of entrys of a bucket). I guess its because its loading the whole json string and not just the first 200 chars of it. Please change that, since its extremly annoying to have the whole machine stuck due to the browser trying to parse a dozen megabytes of json strings.
Thank you,


We currently have a bug filed for this issue.

  • Mike


I’ll notify our product management team again about this issue and work to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

  • Mike


A user who is hitting this issue. Might be good to raise this priority above minor.
We’re also patiently waiting for this issue to be resolved. Sadly it keeps getting postponed.


I just got this bug scheduled for our 2.1.1 release. We plan on releasing 2.1.0 very soon and will follow it up with a bug fix release about a month or two later. This fix should be in 2.1.1.

  • Mike