Stopping / restarting replication

When starting replication in my CBL app I provide a session cookie in the header. I assume this session will expire after a while (I think I read the default is 1 day?). So what should I do when the session expires? I assumed that I should just create a new session token and start the replication process over again. But I can’t see a way to do this.

Is there a way to cancel / stop or restart a replication task from the CBL rest api?

I would like to know how can we achieve it ? Was able to create pull replication with syncgateway via REST api, Question is how do we stop it ?


“filter”: “sync_gateway/bychannel”,
“query_params”: {
“channels”: “123456”

This doesn’t appear to be documented, but passing "cancel": true along with your POST body will do the trick.

Thanks borrrden will give it a shot

I think this used to work in iOS, but doesn’t seem to any more in the latest 1.3 release

I’ve raised an issue: