Storing documents with TTL: Item Count constantly grows - CB 4.5.1-2844


We have a bucket that holds documents with TTL of 3 weeks. From a certain point it looks like CB Server stopped removing expired documents and the bucket holds now more than 200 million documents. The expiration was working fine but it looks like that from a certain amount of documents CB Server is not able to support the auto-expiration any more.

Is there a way to check what is wrong? Would appreciate your guidance.


Dear CouchBase team,
We would appreciate your guidance on this. If this will not be resolved we will have to retire our use of CB and switch to a solution based on AWS offering.

Hi, we’d like to help you and need more information about your issue. Please let us know:

  • How you’re setting the TTL
  • How you’re accessing the document
  • What operating system you’re using
  • As much info (code snippets) as you can supply


Hi Guy,
Thank you for your followup. I’m afraid we had a bug in our code. It will be fixed and TTL support will be retested. I will post an update later this month.