Support for worker-threads

Hello !

Me and my company are using the couchbase node sdk 2.6.11.
We have tried to use the couchbase library under worker-threads (node 12 +) but it doesn’t seem to work properly.

When we load the library (via require) under a worker thread, this error occured:

Error: Module did not self-register.

It also occured while upgrading the sdk (to 3.0.0+).

It seems that the sdk doesn’t support worker thread. See: and

Have you any plan to support this ?

Thank you !

Hey @guillaume_sensefuel,

We have created an issue to track this, you can find it here:

Cheers, Brett

Hi @brett19,

I would really like this as well. Is there any news? The Jira issue doesn’t have any updates. Is it actively being worked on?