Sync Diagnoses - Taking too long to sync a simples operation from bucket

Hi , It’s more a doubt than a problem I’m facing.

We made a Solution that’s run on Windows 10 using CB Lite 1.4.1 (we starting migrating to 2.0) and .NET Framework, to run a desktop app to our customer.

We notice that this environment sometimes take too much time to download a sync of update from a document on bucket. Sometimes the sync happens after 30 ~ 40 minutes its take long but happens. I Made some checks on communication and health on cluster/Sync and they are okay, have intense use but it’s okay.

I know that my customer have a low Infrastructure capacity and have a slow network connection, but the sync taking 30~40 minutes to get a update i can’t believe its a network issue, because when the customer call us asking that the system is “freezed”, we remote connect to him machine (so this confirm that the connection have some estability) and we acess SyncGateway url and receive the 200 Ok http json responses on browser.

What I want to know is there is some point i can check in his machine do help me find the problem or if exist any tool/thing to check connection issues about CB Lite in general? I Really want to understand what makes that slow even if its my app issue, infra, configuration, network, cloud or any other thing.

Working with customer who don’t understand IT in general its a pain in ass the availability that Couchbase give to our application in general…

Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: We checked that our bandwich has increase the consume long the time, so we increased to see if solves the problem, as a Devloper who looks more code than infra things sometimes its trouble check those things. There are any tools for conectivity performance of sync?