Sync freeze, SG 2, Server Ce 5.0.1, CB lite 2.1



Since some month, I have a working solution using a couchbase lite 2.1 (xamarin c#) using sync gateway 2 with a couchbase server 5.0.1, on a windows server 2016.

Since yesterday, the sync is freezing, I can see in my xamarin apps that there is 1 doc to sync, but nothing happen.

Here is the sync gateway log :

2018-09-14T08:22:06.488+02:00 HTTP: #1058: GET /mobilotis/_blipsync (as commercial)
2018-09-14T08:22:07.648+02:00 changes_view: Query took 1.1324361s to return 780 rows, options = db.Body{“startkey”:[]interface {}{"", 0x1cdaa}, “endkey”:[]interface {}{"", 0x1d88d}, “stale”:false}
2018-09-14T08:22:07.681+02:00 WARNING: [5693bebc] blipHandler can’t get doc “lot_8817”/2-52055265bbc6e372abe7a137b3f948b6: key not found – rest.(*blipHandler).sendRevision() at blip_sync.go:519
2018-09-14T08:22:10.978+02:00 HTTP: [5693bebc] #1058: --> BLIP+WebSocket connection error: read tcp> wsarecv: Une connexion existante a dû être fermée par l’hôte distant.

Since the version 2 of sync gateway, I didn’t have any trouble with the sync.

How to know what’s happening ? How to act ?





Even if it’s just a WARNING in the previous log, I tried to add back the document with the id lot_8817, in case of it could be the origine of the trouble.
Result => The sync unfreezed !

Why a missing document freeze the sync ?

This document was deleted with the sdk. He became useless, so he was deleted.

Why this document stays in sync gateway ?