Sync Gateway Authorization


Hey guys, i am developing an android application for resturants. So i have 3 roles, waiter,chef and admin. Each role have access to difference document. I have read the couchbase developer guides and understand most of it. However, i need some clarification in the process of how defining a role works.

Example, Jane is a waiter, Tom is a chef and jack is admin. Each of them have to login into the application with their account and i validate from there. So how do i even create accounts for them, where should i store them and how to assign roles to their name.

A side question just for clarity sake,
“sync”:function (doc) { channel (doc.channels); },

The doc.channels is referring the value of key “channels” in the specific document?

Thank you:)


Use the Sync Gateway admin REST API to create and manage users & roles.

Roles are just a way to let sets of users share privileges. You don’t have to use them if you don’t need to.

Yes, doc.channels refers to the channels property (since this is JavaScript.)


There are some introductory details in the Sync Gateway Authorization guide on the user and role API calls Jens mentions: