Sync Gateway hangs during startup (during auth?) to CB 5.5 beta

We’re hitting some issues when attempting to update our test / development setup from CB 5.0.1 and current master of Sync Gateway (commit e56e8c7772ddaa2fbff39fa76be8e3566ac834b0) to CB 5.5.

  • Specifically when running SG with CB 5.5 beta (the Docker image “couchbase/server:5.5.0-beta”), the SG startup stalls indefinitely having logged something like this (attempting to curl 4984 or 4985 results in an empty response in this state):

Also, it might or might not be relevant that regardless of 5.0.1 or 5.5, with current SG version we see the following error message “No available N1QL nodes. – rest.RunServer() at config.go:889” unless “use_views: true” is given in configuration for each bucket in the SG configuration file. What kind of CB server configuration might we be missing if the GSI indexes behave fine from our API server application that communicates directly with one (non-SG connected) bucket but with current SG dev version this error happens?

Finally, with CB 5.5 beta unless I add the role “views_admin[…]” on top of “bucket_admin[…]” that was already given, there’s a complaint about view writing access permission being missing (I would have assumed bucket_admin implies views_admin for the bucket? this seems to be the behaviour with 5.0 but not . 5.5).

… and from this URL you’ll find the script with which we configure the Dockerized CB server:

Any help much appreciated!

Oh, one more thing: this is what the sync gateway configuration looks like:

Hi @mz2,

You should definitely ask Sync Gateway/Mobile questions in the Mobile forum:

I’m tagging @priya.rajagopal and @hod.greeley as they might be able to help you further.