Sync gateway stops working, requires restart

I am running Sync Gateway Community Edition 2.7.1 on a Centos 7 machine.

The gateway seems to be running fine and all of the applications are able to sync with it for long periods of time. Then randomly the applications fail to complete the sync but do not enter an error phase of the sync process. In other words the sync doesn’t fail but there is also no data throughput.

On the sg_info.log I can see that the device made contact with the gateway but the sync does not complete, i.e. the data from the application is not sent to the Couchbase server and vice versa.

There are no messages in either the sg_error.log or sg_info.log files that give any indication to what happened and what is wrong.

After restarting the gateway everything works as it should and the applications are able to continue syncing.

Has anyone else come across something similar happening to their gateways? Please advise?

I haven’t seen that issue. Some followup questions:

  • Is your Sync Gateway otherwise responsive? e.g. are you able to make calls to the REST API?
  • Is there any diagnostic information in your client logs?
  • Does fully closing and restarting the client application have any effect?

Hi, thanks for coming back to me!

  1. Yes otherwise it’s fully responsive and I can interact via the REST API.
  2. I have implemented remote logging so I can view sync errors. I will let you know if there are any updates in this regard.
  3. No it does not have an effect.

I am aware that this information is very limited so I will update this thread if I get any more information on my side.

Thanks again!