Syncgateway _changes channels filtering

i am using syncgateway 1.2, and below request for GET _changes for channels filtering


but response i an getting as {“error”:“Bad Request”,“reason”:“Missing ‘channels’ filter parameter”}
Not sure what is exactly it is expecting. can anyone help me.

That URL path looks correct. Are you 100% sure that the request is being sent with that exact path? And that it’s a GET not a POST?

@jens, this is the request i have sent
curl -v -X GET http://syncurl:4985/pttdata/_changes?filter=sync_gateway/bychannel&channels=channel1

Did you put single-quotes around the URL? If you don’t, the shell will probably misinterpret the ? and &.

I tried that command with the quotes, and it worked fine for me.

Thanks @jens. It is working.