Tableau- Couchbase using Simba ODBC driver N1QL error


Hi all,

I’m trying to connect Couchbase with Tableau using Simba Couchbase ODBC driver. I configured the driver under System DSN . In the advanced options I have set the query mode as N1QL.
Now when I try to connect via Tableau desktop under other databases(ODBC), it connects and schema are listed. But I’m not able to execute any N1QL query and couldn’t move forward with that.

Now when I try to connect from Tableau, I get this error.



Hi Kaushik, I’m a Sales Engineer with Simba.

The problem is that Tableau doesn’t speak N1QL, it speaks SQL. The driver understands both, and can translate between the two. To have the driver work with applications like Tableau, Excel, PowerBI etc, set the Query Mode to SQL. Then, the driver will examine the SQL queries, translate them, and communicate with Couchbase.

N1QL mode should only be used if you are using a application that speaks N1QL, for example if you are using a program that allows you to create queries and send them directly to the driver.