The roadmap for Unity plugin



We are about to start work on a project using Couchbase with Unity and would like to get an idea of the roadmap for Unity through beta to release. I’m particularly interested in finding out when a non beta release is due and the expected lifecycle of the product.

Any help or point in the direction of resources would be appreciated.




Currently we are working with a problem we are having with IL2CPP. This is a major problem since it is the only way to support 64-bit iOS applications in Unity, and Apple only accepts 64-bit applications now. I am working with Unity’s engineers to get the problem identified, but once that is done I don’t think anything is standing in the way of us making a non-beta release. @zgramana has the final say on this though.

My Unity game - Couchbase Lite roadmap & gotchas

Thanks borrrden,

that is useful to hear. We are trying to take a decision on architecture tomorrow and our prototype has been built around Couchbase and the Sync gateway. I’d like to feel comfortable taking a decision knowing likely timescales.

Thanks again and I look forward to any input from zgramana.