Track Referred Document Change

Currently in the middle of changing my embedded model to a reference model and I needed some help. (Couchbase Lite .Net, Xamarin.iOS)

What I need is :

  1. A view exists which gives me all documents of type “tasks”. I get the data and display it on a UITableView through the use of a LiveQuery.
  2. A task document has a property “user_id”, which holds the document id of the user who created it, lets call it doc_user. I read doc_user and add certain UI elements, say attachment and name from this doc to the UITableView that holds my tasks.
  3. Upon update of the document doc_user, I’d like to listen to and update the UI accordingly, i.e. name and attachment for the UITableView

What would be the best way to achieve this?

Listen for document-changed notifications on the user docs whose data is currently being displayed in the UI.