Trouble downloading couchbase server

I am trying to download it but even after disabling tracking protection the site does not work. I also did a hard reload but it won’t budge. Please help.

Can you share the actual URL that you used to download? Thanks.

I am also showing my screenshot so that you know that tracking protection is disabled. I do not understand why I have to disable tracking protection. I will be brutally honest. I have been using Couchbase since version 2 and always filled the form. Why in the world you need to track user?

Leave it. After 7 years of working with Couchbase I am done. Go ahead and track users. I will not recommend Couchbase to any of my new clients. Slower or worse I will recommend MongoDB. I had even patched libcouchbase-cxx but you do not care about C++ library anymore. It is pointless. I see that MongoDB is also useless because it does not have C++ library.

What is the point of a fast database if I have to program in Python? I wonder who drives the vision of both Couchbase and MongDB. Do not point me to C SDK. That library is entirely unusable and I won’t mess my code with callbacks. Also, C library has barely any examples.

Hi @shivshankar_dayal,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you are having trouble downloading. Very much appreciate the screenshot and I will work with the website development team to get this fixed!

Annie O.

Hello @shivshankar_dayal connecting back with you here. Hope all is well in general.

I am glad you are asking about C++ SDK and I want to let you know that C++ SDK is something we have in our roadmap already.

Do you know we are already working on C++ Transactions ? We have worked in the past on Python and other interesting challenges and also want to get your inputs on C++ SDK when its available. (You have always been a great advocate and partner and we definitely need your support :slight_smile: ) (Tentative end of Q4 as of now).

Ah ! I missed on your last comment here.
Do not point me to C SDK.
That library is entirely unusable and I won’t mess my code with callbacks. Also, C library has barely any examples.

Would want to hear from you more on the “unstable part” please provide your feedback and we are here to take it and implement it. Feedbacks and inputs from such valuable customers is what we are thriving for. So please keep it coming.
Appreciate your patience and waiting to hear back more from you.

The interface is clunky in C API. There should be no need to use libevent separately. A compilation flag should be enough to enable async operations. There should be no need to pass lcb_* all the time. The API should be dead simple with no callbacks like Python API. Also, it should have at least one example for each API method. You cannot expect an API consumer to go deep into how Couchbase works. The async and sync interfaces can be separated by a prefix like async_ to make it clear.

You should make that high priority because now C++ web frameworks are coming and occupying top spots in benchmarks. Same goes for Rust. Any high-end enterprise customer which needs performance will use these. libcouchbase-cxx used to work, but it has not seen a single commit for the last three years.

Thanks @shivshankar_dayal, for your feedback and continuous support. Will take you feedback to the team.
In the meanwhile , did you get a chance to look into the Rust SDK thats being built . It will be a community supported SDK but just wanted to give you an idea that it’s definitely thought through just like you were talking about. Your contribution/ expertise in these areas is greatly appreciated.

Also look at this other tool “Couchbase Shell” thats being built which uses Rust under the hood. Please try it out when you get a chance and give us your thoughts on the GitHub issues section of the respective repos.