Trying to find docs for Sync Gateway load testing tools (sgload and gateload)

I am trying to find any documentation for following load testing tools for Sync Gateway:
1 )

For now I failed to success with both of them. I am specifically interested of their intallation and building on Windows.

Gateload has built, but does nothing on start.
SgLoad - cannot install, everytime got some Go lang erros. Maybe have to use some specifica version of it?

It’s been a while since any of those projects were touched so it looks like some dependencies have broken in the meantime.

I think the official status of those projects are pre-alpha, and not really suitable for use. The scope of these tools is limited to the 1.x replication protocol, so load testing using those tools won’t actually show any real world performance stats of 2.x CBL clients.

These projects aren’t something that is actively supported or maintained, but I’ve opened up a PR to at least fix the build issues on sgload if you at least want to test the 1.x replicator or REST API.

Both of those (internal) tools were primarily intended for applying write load to older versions of Sync Gateway. Since the addition of Shared Bucket Access in Sync Gateway 1.5, it’s possible to just apply the load directly to the bucket via Couchbase Server’s load tools, and let import generate mobile metadata for those documents.

Tried your last commit, but still has an error:

D:\gopath\src\\couchbaselabs\sgload\sgload\loadspec.go:69:19: multiple-value uuid.NewV4() in single-value context

I am using lates Go release 1.14.4

I will definetely look for it. Do you have any helpful links on the subject?

Check out these references on server load testing…As Adam indicated, with shared bucket access, you should look into this approach and then let sync gateway import the data.