Unable to access couchbase in Azure VM


I have Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway deployed in an Azure Virtual Machine Windows Server 2012. I can access the Couchbase Web Console and I can also launch the sync gateway with default configurations without any issues by remoting into the virtual machine.

I can’t seem to access the server to do a push/pull replication via my mobile app. I also can’t access the admin web console via a web browser outside of the virtual machine. I’ve opened up all the ports by adding them as Endpoints in the Azure Portal for the virtual machine configuration from this manual (http://docs.couchbase.com/admin/admin/Install/install-networkPorts.html).

Here’s my url to the sync gateway that my mobile app uses: http://myappname.cloudapp.net:4984/sync_gateway/

Here’s my url to the web console: http://myappname.cloudapp.net:8091/index.html

I’m not sure what I am missing at this point? Has anyone have experiencing setting up Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway in Azure VM? Everything seems to work fine if I test my setup via a local machine outside of the virtual machine.


This appears to be a firewall configuration issue. I was able to resolve it by either a) turning off all firewall or b) leave firewalls on and create new inbound rules to open up ports used by couchbase.


yes on windows you do need to add the rules to the firewall. by the way, you can also enable only the SSL based ports to force encrypted communication if you’d like your admin username & password to be encrypted over the wire.