Unable to download Couchbase community edition


I am unable to download Couchbase community edition. It ends up with JavaScript errors on site when I click on button “Try it free now”.

Error image uploaded below:

I’ve reproduced this, yeah. Sorry for the trouble. I’ll report this to the right team.

You can also get download links from talking to that automatic bot there on the lower right. Feel free to PM me if you want a specific platform.

Hi Ingenthr,

The bot doesn’t give link to community edition but just for enterprise edition.
It would be great if you can provide me link for community edition (version - 6.5.0 or 6.5.1).

Actually, I have one better. The site is fixed. Thanks for reporting that and sorry for the trouble!

:smile: That was the quickest solution I ever got on production environment. Trust me it was a lot faster i ever did on production. Appreciate it a lot :smile:

Thank you !

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Hey ingenthr,

Can you please share community edition for .NET Client and Core?
I didn’t find anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

@itssrinadh https://docs.couchbase.com/dotnet-sdk/current/hello-world/start-using-sdk.html is this what you are looking for?

I didn’t find any CE edition here. Is it EE or CE?

Effectively both, dual licensed. There are no restrictions and if you’re an Enterprise Edition subscriber, you gain access to a higher service level. Including the ability to bother people like me even more. :slight_smile: