"Unable to locate node" errors (Status Code 146)

Hi Team,

We are receiving lot of “Unable to locate node” errors (Status Code 146). This errors are not happening frequently, but at-least one day per month. Some time server node also went down and automatically come up and join with cluster with in small amount time.

even though it added to cluster “Unable to locate node” error take longtime to resolve automatically.

could you please check and advice me, why this type of errors are occurring and Why servers are went down ?

Additional Information :
Couchbase Server : 4.0.0-4051 Community Edition (build-4051)
Using Bucket : MemCached Type
.Net Package : 1.3.13
Cluster server count : 3


I’m having also issues like this, especially when i rebalance. like you I use the same client, did you consider to upgrade it to
2.+ versions?