Unable to save the password? Bug?

I am creating alert to get notified on situation like node failover and lot of other parameters which couchbase gives out of box.
However i am able to send the test email, once i hit save password is gone and it is unable to send the email.
Any thoughts? setting up alert from CLI can help? not sure but i’ll try anyways.

Lemme know, if there is any solution

Hello @shantanu_das89,

Which version of Couchbase Server are you using? I suspect you’re hitting defect (MB-21814), which is fixed in Couchbase Server 4.6.0.

Hey Pvarley,
Here is the details on Couchbase Version:
Version: 4.5.0-2601 Enterprise Edition (build-2601)

4.6 GA should be released within a few days. (As a Couchbase product manager, I’ll give the standard disclaimer that “stuff” happens that can interrupt releases, but that’s the plan and it’s looking like all systems go).

There’s a Developer Preview of 4.6 you can test today that you’ll find on the usual downloads page:

Hey WillGardella,
Thanks for letting me know about the new release,
I just wanted to confirm again so that I can pass on the information to my team, there is a bug in the previous versions which is 4.5.X… with the new release i.e. 4.6.0 there shouldn’t be any issue with the password saving.

Also I wanted to understand would there be any downtime or any other implications which might be taken care prior to upgrading it to 4.6.0?


Hi Shan -
Yes, there was a known issue that @pvarley mentioned above, MB-21814. One of the great things about working for an open source company is that you guys can see what’s getting fixed when (check the fix version there and you’ll see 4.6). Still, you’ll want to verify that it works for your use case before you upgrade, so I would just test it quickly on a single node if possible.

For upgrading your cluster, you’ll need to do the appropriate planning. Check out the docs on upgrading Couchbase Server, which describes your basic upgrade options and how to choose the right one for your circumstances. It’s only a couple of pages but we recently re-wrote it to be easier to understand. Hope that helps.


Thanks Will,
That explains every thing,


Same issue again on Community Edition 5.0.1 build 5003
Password can’t be saved. One node was down for few days and We were not aware…
Very painful. Is there a quick solution to save email password without upgrade all nodes ?