Unable to "schedule" n1ql query error from Python service


This really looks like a networking issue between the two machines. Are these both containers hosted in the same technology - for example, both running in the same K8S cluster? Or are these both running in Docker on a dev machine? For example, if you have two docker containers running you on the same machine, you would need a bridge between the two so they can talk to each other. In K8S you would need some config to make sure that the containers can talk to each other.

The app service is running on my local machine under Visual studio code “debug mode”, the couchbase is running on a azure Linux VM the “network” in azure VPN so I can access the internal Azure vnets directly from my local machine.

The logs are showing this is some kind of network conductivity issue:

You need to work with someone on your end on the network side of your VPN to make sure all the ports that Couchbase use are open for you to use - specifically port 11210. You can see all the ports required from here:

My guess is your VPN isn’t allowing these ports to be accessed to your Linux VM in Azure.


Sorry for the slow response, I was out of the office last week.

I did check with our systems engineer and he confirms to be that we do not have any port filtering enabled in or vpn firewall.

At the moment we are not using any containers (but we do plan to move that way once we get the project design working).

Did you get a chance to check the connectivity issue with SDK Doctor?