Unable to start Couchbase Server Console

After installation of Couchbase Server 6.0.0 I am not able to to start Couchbase Server Console with Anyone knows how to fix it?

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Hi zwornik80,
Thanks for using our product.
I have a question. Is your server new one (no Couchbase server install on it at all)?
What is your operating system and have you opened all ports require by Couchbase server?


I am using Windows 10 and do not have previous version of Couchbase installed. I have installed CouchDB if that matters. What do you mean by opening “all ports require by Couchbase server”? I am trying to start Couchbase by “Couchbase Server Console” shortcut which opens If there is additional step needed to configure ports etc. then I don’t think it is mentioned in installation instruction.

I am posting answer to issue I had when installing Couchbase on Windows. I would never came up with this solution if not support from Engineers from Company I work for. Anyway I am surprised that such changes are needed and cannot be resolved automatically during installation process. It looks like port 8091 was already occupied so remapping had to be done. Here is what helps:

Add following lines in: /etc/couchbase/static_config

{rest_port, 9000}.
{ssl_rest_port, 19000}.
{capi_port, 9001}.
{ssl_capi_port, 19001}.
{query_port, 9002}.
{ssl_query_port, 19002}.
{fts_http_port, 9003}.
{ssl_fts_http_port, 19003}.
{xdcr_rest_port, 9098}.

Also, make the following change in: /etc/couchdb/default.d/capi.ini

within the [httpd] section, change the port to 9001 (should match your port number that you configured in static_config - {capi_port, 9001}.)


Delete var\lib\couchbase\config\config.dat file.

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