Uncaught error in HTTP request: {throw,{unauthorized,<<"password required">>}}


Setup: 2.0.1 community edition (build-170), CentOS 6
Buckets: 6 buckets, all configured with SASL password
The applications are using .NET Couchbase DLL v1.2.6.0

Hi -

We are running 2.0.1 Community Edition (Build-170) and we are seeing a good amount of the following errors in the error logs:

Stacktrace: [{capi_frontend,do_db_req,2},
[couchdb:error,2014-04-01T13:39:18.707,ns_1@<0.25013.6760>:couch_log:error:42]Uncaught error in HTTP request: {throw,{unauthorized,<<“password required”>>}}

Also, while less frequently, these also occur:

[ns_server:error,2014-04-01T0:20:22.069,ns_1@<0.5985.0>:ns_memcached:verify_report_long_call:297]call topkeys took too long: 547152 us


The bucket passwords are set correctly on the application side and everything seems to be functioning as expected. However, these errors are a bit concerning so if anyone could provide any input, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you