Unity & Android 7


I’m building a game using unity and couchbase, so far everything is going great, but today I tried an andriod build on a device with Android 7 and I’m getting error regarding sqlite

Apparently the problem is described here:

Is there any fix or workaround?


Unfortunately, supporting Unity3D has turned out too be too much to handle for the time being so it has been ice boxed. I wouldn’t recommend starting a new project with it until they upgrade their .NET runtime and I can evaluate how much effort it will take to support. That being said, in order to fix this problem you will need to bundle a copy of sqlite with your Unity app and change the Couchbase Lite P/Invoke dll name to match. You can find the most recent (recent is used relatively loosely here…) version of the unity code in the feature/unity-ga branch. It is based on version 1.1.1 which is now end-of-life so use it at your own risk.

Thanks a lot, I will give it a look, if not i will try to just develop a wrapper for the native connectors