Update entry values from upper case to lowercase


In our development environment we have a couchbase server running on 3 servers. We have around 600 milion entries and we would like to change some entry values from upper case to lower case.

We could not find any way to do this other than exporting ALL the data to some local files, replace the upper case to lower case and reimport to couchbase.

This seams super stupid, but we could not find a way to extract all the keys ( so that we can query and replacy each value for each key) or to replace all the entry values in a single query.

Is there any way in which we could change the value text for each key to lower case?

That’s unbalivable that the option of changing the value in a database is to export the data, modified with some shell scritp and re-import it in the DB.

Is there anyone who could give us a hint of how to do this?

Thank you