Update on deeply nested Documents


It was shown that subdocuments can be updatet in Update on nested Documents.
Is it also possible to update deeply nested documents?

For example updating all replies from the User “user_id”: “342” with the attribute “category” : “top user” in the following document:

  "blog": "testblog1",
  "user_id": 41,
  "comments": [
      "comment": "testcomment1",
      "user_id": 883,
      "replies": [
          "text": "reply on testcomment1",
          "user_id": 342
          "text": "another reply",
          "user_id": 473
      "comment": "testcomment2",
      "user_id": 790

Note: When knowing on which comment the user replied I could do the following:

UPDATE Blog SET r.category= ‘top user’ FOR r IN comments[0].replies WHEN r.user_id = 342 END;

What I am looking for is a approach to achieve an update on all comments, like comments[*].replies

The N1QL Language Reference is often very helpful, but in this case does not provide any information about this.



You can use WITHIN. For example:

UPDATE Blog b SET r.category= ‘top user’ FOR r WITHIN b.comments WHEN r.user_id = 342 END;

This will update both comments and replies, regardless of nesting depth.



Thank you for the fast and helpful response, this is exactly what I was looking for. Awesome!