Updating Views via REST API

Once a view is created through the REST API I can’t seem to edit it. The only I have found is to delete the design document and recreate it.

I am able to update the design document, and if I examine the design document after it shows that the updated code, but the results never change.

I know iOS and Java both have a ‘version’ they can set when creating views. I tried doing the same by passing a ‘version’ field in with the view’s body but it didn’t change anything.

Is there a similar feature available for the REST API?

Hm, this should work. It isn’t necessary to provide a version, because internally it’s generated as a SHA-1 digest of the map function source code.

What version/platform of Couchbase Lite is this?

I’m using CBL 1.4 for iOS through react native.

I suggest filing a bug on Github against couchbase/couchbase-lite-ios.

OK, issue filed here.

Thanks Jens