Upgrade to 6.5 from 4.5, error of absolute path names

My syncgateway has stopped and will not run. It will go to pause.
Therefore i decided to update syncgateway but did not fix.

I am on Couchbase 4.5, so i decided to upgrade to 5 => 6.5

The docs suggest to backup my nodes and i cannot get cbbackupmgr to work !

When i use:
cbbackupmgr config --archive /data/backups --repo backup2020

i get the error of:
lockfiles must be given as absolute path names

Hello @morgan,

That command works for me on Couchbase Server 6.5.0. To debug this further, I require some more information:

  • What version of cbbackupmgr is creating the config? (I assume 4.5 but I want to double check)
  • What operating system is being used?
  • What file system is /data/backups?
  • Is a symbolic link being used in the /data/backup path?


i am in Couchbase 4.5.0
on Windows server
what do you mean by file system.

Now i can’t even access my couchbase data…
I have an error on the server that said ip has changed and my web-pouchdb app cannot connect and cannot work and cannot see my data.

I loved couchbase and now i am starting over with no data if i cant get to my data.